Marina Contacts

Emergency Numbers - Dutch Side

VHF Channel 16 Emergency Response Teams 911 or 9211
Police Dept. (Philipsburg) 911
Fire Alarm 919
Coast Guard 913
Ambulance 912
Police Dept. (Simpson Bay) 1.721.545.5500
Fire Alarm (Airport) 1.721.545.4222
Fire Alarm (Philipsburg) 1.721.545.6001
Marina Security 1.721.544.2408
ext. 7100

Emergency Numbers - French Side

Gendarmerie 011.590.523000
Fire Department 011.590.523040
Ambulance Desiles du Nord 011.590.523040

Marina Contacts

For other general or medical contact numbers, please click here.  

Should you need to speak directly with The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol please contact a member of the Marina team using one of the below numbers.  

Reception/Main Office 1.721.544.2800
Operations Manager 1.721.544.2800
Sales & Events 1.721.544.2800
Dock Master 1.721.581-9185
After Hours 1.721.587.9500
Port Security Officer 1.721.544.7187

Marina Office Opening Hours
Monday thru Friday 7:00am to 6:00pm
Weekends (Sat. & Sun.) 7:00am to 6:00pm
Important Dates 7:00am to 6:00pm

Shipping Address:
The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol
Island Global Yachting (IGY)
Airport Road, Simpson Bay
St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean 

Yacht Club at Isle de Sol Staff:
Brian Deher – Regional Director of Marina Operations and Planning Caribbean and Latin America
Veronica Rojo – Reservations / Concierge
Shervin Frederick - Assistant Manager
Etienne Lake - Dock Master
Rudolph Baptist - Fuel Supervisor
Clara Halley - Office Manager

Useful Contacts

Agents 1.721.544.2436
Coast Guard 1.721.545.5075
Customs & Immigration 1.721.545.0031
Dockside Management 1.721.544.4096
Fuel Dock 1.721.544.2800 
Hertz Rental Car 1.721.545.4541
Police Dept. - Philipsburg 1.721.542.2222
Marina Security 1.721.544.2800 
National Marine Suppliers   1.721.544.2601
Seagrapes International 1.721.545.3777
Shore Support 1.721.587.0007

St. Maarten Medical Center 1.721.543.1111
Dannaway Medical Center 1.721.545.2911

Family Dental Clinic 1.721.544.3080

Simpson Bay Pharmacy 1.721.544.3653

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