IDS Marina Rules

The Yacht Club at Isle de Sol Marina Rules

To make your stay with us more enjoyable, the following set of guidelines should be followed. These are merely suggested rules of etiquette and regulations to make the Marina and its facilities more enjoyable for all customers.

1. Do not leave garbage on the docks to be picked up.  Garbage should be bagged and tied and then properly placed in designated receptacles, or be placed in the garbage truck, not loosely scattered or abandoned.

2. Oils and fuels should be disposed of properly and not in Marina trash cans.  Please ask for assistance when disposing of oils, fuels, or chemicals. Your concern for the environment helps.

3. Try not to introduce any effluents into the Marina lagoon.  Use holding tanks if possible.  

4. Do not attempt to turn on your own water and electricity.  Please have a dock attendant do it so you can be properly metered in and out.  Using pliers or screwdrivers will damage the equipment and you will be charged.  It is suggested that you read meters along with our dock attendant to ensure accuracy in your metered charges for utilities.

5. Anyone caught taking water from another yacht's tap shall be responsible for the entire water cost of the metered yacht.  Please use your own water.

6. Keep power cords and water hoses in a neat and orderly fashion so that no one will trip in the dark or while carrying objects.

7. Please wash sails on lawn areas where water outlets and drying spaces are available, or do it aboard your yacht.

8. When marking anchor chains with paint, use paper or cardboard beneath your chain to keep wet paint off the docks and other customers' shoes.

9. When cleaning dinghies, make sure you rinse debris and growth off of the docks when finished.

10. Lock your boat when leaving it unattended.

11. Lock your dinghies and outboard at night, especially Friday nights.

12. Try to keep excessive noise down after 10 pm as some people do need their rest.

13. Boat repairs being performed at the docks should probably not include grinding and/or power sanding.

14. Barbecue and cooking on the docks is prohibited.  Barbecue and cooking should be done on board in suitable equipment and self contained.  Any other way is dangerous and frowned upon.  Kindly clean up after yourself when finished.  Charcoal ash and debris are not to be disposed of into the lagoon.

15. When docking, keep bowsprits and davits over water's edge and not protruding across the docks.

16. If bright deck lights or spot lights are to be used at night, avoid pointing them at nearby boats, especially down or into their cabins.

17. Try to control your pets.  Some people do get upset by animals, especially when nature calls on their boat.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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